MBS DirectShow "Select and Capture with Audio" sample

Three questions:

  1. It looks very straightforward to save as either an AVI or ASF, but is there any simple way to encode the file to newer standards such as mp4 or h.264?
  2. Does the file get saved to disk on-the-fly, or is it cached in memory until the recording is stopped?
  3. Is it possible to save one (webcam) source to two files at the same time (such as an AVI and an ASF at the same time, or two AVI’s to different media at the same time)?

I’m looking at this sample as a potential foundation for the project I describe a little more in this thread:


Well, let me check:

  1. We use AVI constant as type there and it works. Not sure if the ASF constant would work same way. You can try of course.
  2. is decided probably be encoder. We just tell it to write movie file.
  3. You can try as I never tried that.

I would usually take something like ffmpeg to transcode the recording later to the final mpeg4 movie.