MBS Curl SFTP Delete error


I made an application with MBS curl SFTP.

Downloading and uploading work, but for delete command I still get an error.
I think I have a mistake in the parameter.

Note: I use a server with 3 different domains. Eacht domain in a new folder.
For Uploading and Downloading I noticed I have to use the’/home’ folder before getting access to the domain folder.

Delete not working, message: “QOUT string not accepted”

dim curlDel as new CURLSMBS
dim commands() As String
dim intError as integer

curlDel.CollectDebugData = true
curlDel.CollectHeaderData = true
curlDel.CollectOutputData = true
CurlDel.OptionDirListOnly = true
curlDel.OptionUsername =mstrSftpUser 'contains username
curlDel.OptionPassword = mstrSftpPassword 'contains password
curlDel.OptionPort = 22222
curlDel.OptionURL = “ftp://webserver.myname.nl
commands.Append(“RM /home/domainname1/ftp/demo/testremove.png”)

intError =curlDel.Perform
if IntError <> 0 then
msgbox curlDel.LasterrorMessage
end if

CurlDel = nil[/code]

I tried many difference commands like:
RM uppercase / lowercase, -RM / Delete -Delete
absolute path, non absultepath, starting /, between qoutes, only the filename, folder/filename

Nothing seems to work.

Please help.

in addition, maybe it helps to know: for the already working upload and download I have to use the ‘/home’ folder…
in that working code the folder is build like this.

  strURL= "sftp://" + mstrSftpuser+":" + mstrSftpPassword +  "@" + mstrSftpHost + ":" + cstr(mintSftpPort) + mstrSftpFolder + strFilename

During entering the extra information I saw for the first time in hours searching … I forgot the S in sftp.

curlDel.OptionURL = "[b]s[/b]ftp://webserver.myname.nl"

Problem solved !!!

Hope others can use the code for thier projects,

Thanks for helping yourself.

Normally you read the log which looks different for SFTP compared to normal FTP.
And you would see error from server.