MBS CURL error 56

I’m using MBS’s CURL and receiving the following error when attempting to download files via FTP:
Error 56: Failure with receiving network data

I’m using the same RB application for other FTP sites and am not having any issues.

While checking the connection using FileZilla, at one point I received a message that there were too many open connections to the FTP site, and the connection was rejected, but that only happened once. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be an issue connecting or maintaining a connection to the FTP server using FileZilla.

An idea what might be causing this and how to deal with this issue?

Thank you.

I received this once when our Networkers were upgrading our Firewalls. The port was closed.

Thank you, but I don’t think it’s the firewall. I am downloading 40 small test files. It will not download 3 of them on one attempt, 4 on another attempt, etc. The files that are not downloading are random and will download sometimes, but not another.

I ended up putting a loop in place to work around this. It loops 10 times or until the error is not 56.

If anyone has any idea how to handle this more gracefully, let me know

The variable e is the returned error.

Dim p as Integer
  p = p + 1
  d=new DownloadCURL
  d.b = b
  d.OptionURL = FTPPath
  d.OptionUsername = Current_Job_User
  d.OptionPassword = Current_Job_PW
Loop until e <> 56 or p = 9

@Michael Brogdon CURL error 56 from the LibCurl site shows this as “Failure with receiving network data”.
Is there a chance that the hosted files you are trying to FTP is having issues or a server side restriction possibility?

Could you check the debug log for those cases vs. a working case?

And you may be able to reuse the same DownloadURL object, so just call d.Perform again.

I think this might be a coding issue. I have always noticed that when I use CURL for HTTP downloads it always very fast, but FTP (downloading the exact same files) is very slow. That is, the downloads are fast enough, but switching from one file to another in a loop is slow. Not sure how it would be any or much different between HTTP and FTP…

I have two FTP projects. One I mentioned here. The workaround seems to be working OK for now.

For the second project, I’m unable to workaround this issue.

I’m going to try to adapt one of the MBS CURL FTP examples in hopes that it will eliminate whatever it is that I’m doing wrong.