MBS AUDIO callback crash

My configuration: Xojo 2019 R1 & R2 and the MBS Audio plugin, under Linux Debian 10 (Pi4) or on Windows 10 (Intel PC).
Another MBS USB plugin for communication that works well.
I open an input stream (RECORD ONLY) with PortAudioStreamMBS and all its parameters -> OK
I have a callback without access to the interface (UI), only calculations (average, maximum).
The program crash without message after 10sec OR minutes
I tried to place “Exception err” everywhere in the program but never message during a crash.
Even the code below in the crash callback:

#Pragma DisableBackgroundTasks
#Pragma DisableBoundsChecking
#Pragma StackOverflowChecking False
Const paContinue = 0
Return paContinue

If I do not open the stream everything works well … I deduce that it is the callback.

I have the same with the program PortAudio.xojo example of the 2019r1 version in the InputLevelEvents part

Can you help me ?
Thank you and have a nice day

I think you may be better off with using PortAudioStreamRecorderMBS class.