maximum total height of embedded container controls

If I embed 100 container controls with a height of 200px each into a canvas and scroll down to the last container control is the last embedded container control I can see the 82th. It looks for me there is a limit of the total height of all embedded container controls of about 32800 px. The scrolling is working for more container controls but they aren’t shown.
Any ideas if there is a maximum total height of the embedded container controls and how to increase that to make all controls visible?


Have seen similar drawing large graphics. It seems there is a limit around 32000 pixels drawing to a canvas.

I do it differently by treating the canvas as merely the visible region and calculate instead which container controls to display … those that are outside the canvas aren’t drawn, only those that overlap the visible region as defined by the canvas.

The controls are placed in an array or dictionary and you iterate through these to figure out which ones to draw,

This way there is effectively no limit to the number of container controls.

This also works when the canvas is itself a container control.

@Nicholas L: Thanks, understand the concept you propose. Do you have a little example how to do that?