Matrix Math Blog - method parameters


Paul - in your blog you use this format for your extended method:

Public Function Add(Extends m1(, ) As Integer, m2(, ) As Integer) As Integer(,)

What do the commas inside the array brackets mean?

These commas are used to specify that the parameters are 2 dimensions arrays.

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Thanks. I guess that is implicit in the blog’s topic but where is this in the documentation?

A little hard to find but there is a mention of it here:


Thanks. Yes, very hard to find. Does that mean that you have to car and resize variable(,) too?
That description also mentions multi-dimensional arrays. Does that allow more than 2D? Eg var variable(,)? Should be 2 commas in there but gets removed by the forum.

Yes, see here for information about multidimensional arrays

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Got it, thanks. A case of not seeing wood for the trees.

It does seem to work for multi-dimensions beyond 2 (I wonder if there’s an upper limit or even an application for that) but beyond 3 dimensions does start to make the head spin somewhat.