Match ListBox Scroll

I have three ListBoxes. One with some data, the others are displaying the Row/Column index
Here’s the sample:
jpg images

But the Main ListBox size is variable, and sometimes needs horizontal scrollbars to show the full content. If the Main ListBox increases size (can be horizontal and vertical too) the others increase size too.
It’s possible to match the “visible position” of all these Listbox? I mean, when I scroll left the Main ListBox by X, the Row ListBox follows the same amount in the same direction in real time
My best guess was with MouseMove Event (not sure if I know how to code this, but I believe with some math it’s possible), but I tested the MouseMove and it not catches the “scrollposition”, so I gave up this path.
I really think that will be easy make the efford to incorporate these 3 listboxes in just one, but hey, then there’s no challenge :slight_smile:
Any ideas?


this will keep everyone together

Can I “force” this to update? This matches just when the mouse1 is released

Ah, old HyperCard days. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of examples on synchronizing text areas on the following thread. You could use a similar approach (one of them is similar to what Dave posted).

I think Dave’s solution is the best I can get. It would be nice if this ‘SyncPosition code’ could be real time updated, but I didn’t find nothing similar.

Thank you all for the help.