mask property negative numbers

How do I allow negative numbers to be entered into the TextField using the mask property. I have tried “99.9999” and “##.####”, but can not enter negative numbers only positive numbers.

me.Mask = “&####.##”

permits the initial entry of the “-”

[quote=386348:@Roger Clary]me.Mask = “&####.##”

permits the initial entry of the “-”[/quote]

It also permits the entry of A657 or K78, so it’s not suitable.

In short, forget about the mask. Go to Great White Software for Norman’s Masked Edit Field. Works out of the box on TextFields, too.

Or make your own by using the KeyDown event with code similar to this:

if IsNumeric( Key ) then // Allow numeric return false elseif ( Key = "." ) and ( InStr( me.Text, "." ) = 0 ) and me.Text.Len > 0 then // Handle decimal points return false elseif ASC( Key ) < 32 then // Allow control keys (e.g. the backspace key) return false else // Ignore all other input return true end if

Why would one write all of that code when a single line will serve the OP’s purpose.

Read the first line of my response again.

And he doesn‘t have to write anything, you can copy&paste on computers … :wink: