MAS Submission: certificate problem

I have been code signing my apps for a while now with App Wrapper 3
All going well.

Ive created an app for the MAS and want to upload it.
In App Wrapper, I select my certifcate and it says it is good for Application and Installer.
I wrap it to a PKG file, and try to upload.

The Uploader rejects it with

The product archive package’s signature is invalid. Ensure that it is signed with your '3rd party mac developer installer certficate.

Trouble is, if I select the certifcate that says ‘installer’ in App Wrapper, it tells me that its no good for signing code and wont wrap the app.

Open your Keychain Manager and look for outdated/invalid Dev. Certificates and just delete them. Your previous submissions will not be affected by this removal. You needed those invalid certs. only for the past submissions.

BTW: This is NO App Wrapper Issue. But @Sam Rowlands is already investigating possible App Wrapper strategies to help the User in such cases.

Thanks Sasha.

I have been ruthless.
I now have a valid

Developer ID Application
Developer ID Installer
Code Sign from ksoftware
and another with my apple id in it, purpose unknown.

Only those 4 to choose from,
Same messages.

No problem. Just remove ALL amd redownload the current (valid) ones with Xcode :slight_smile:

Well, I bit the bullet and did it.
Got 5 certificates down, instead of the ones I was offered in iTunes Connect.
Its uploading now, so I think we got past the packing certificate.
Now the reviewers…

Thanks Sascha