MAS Sandbox, Network and Download

Well, my next hurdle (while I’m still trying to figure out a way around the other hurdles) is installing other language dictionaries from the web.

My non-MAS version currently connects to my website, downloads them to a temp folder and installs them in Application Support. Right now all network connections are blocked in sandbox but I believe I can request an entitlement for this using AppWrapper - correct?

But if this is possible, is it up to the reviewer whether this is allowed or not?

And if I can connect through the sandbox will the sandbox allow me to download the file?

Does anybody else here have any experience connecting their MAS sandboxed app via a socket and downloading anything?


You can enable Networking (client) and connect to your site (or any site) and download stuff.

I enable Client networking in almost all my MAS apps — never had an issue with Apple. I connect via MySQL now, but am moving to sockets.

That works, thank you!