MAS Refunds : what about the receipt ?

I wish the Mac App Store channel in the feedback://showreport?report_id=43199 feature request existed, this is smack in its target.

Until now I did not bother including receipt validation in my MAS apps. Now I noticed that the level of refunds seem to be increasing. Years ago I had the same issue with sensitive products such as MICR fonts that were the target of chargebacks and abnormal refund requests visibly as some shady individuals simply wanted access for free.

When Apple refunds a product, does that invalidate the receipt, so the software becomes unusable ? If so I will add the storekit MBS plugin.

No. Not 2 Years ago. I gave an App back which had Rec.Val. but i could continue using it until i removed it days after i got my refund.

the receipt on disk doesn’t change.

But with in app purchases you can use StoreKit to validate those.
And that should fail later.

OK. Thank you.

Since I started my business on the web back in the nineties, I have always been very liberal about refunding software. And since there is no way to protect fonts anyway, there was not technically anything I could do.

But back in 2004 or so the level of chargebacks on the MICR Suite went over 10%, I got kicked out by my merchant service, and was forced to take defensive measures. Among which not providing instant download. I lost business, but I rather have sound and safe customers rather than thieves.

That made me very sensitive to the phenomenon. I do not care so much that a few take advantage of the refund system, as long as statistics remain reasonable. I am more concerned about what appears to be a spike.