MAS API analysis to big

When I send my apps (created with Xojo 2015R2) to the MAS with “Application Loader” I got this message as information:

Die erzeugte API-Analyse ist zu gross, Wir konnten Ihre API-Nutzung vor der Auslieferung nicht prüfen. Diese Nachricht dient nur zur Information.

The generated API analysis is too big, we could not test your API usage before delivery. This message is for information only.

Has Xojo 2015R2 big changes for the API usage on OS X?

You can safely ignore this warning. The Review Team will perform additional checks internally and this feedback will not cause your app to be rejected.

Others (non Xojo Devs.) already experienced the same and the Apps have been released afterwards.

It’s just Apple’s system of reading what APIs you use, can’t process your application. Nothing to worry about unless it comes back and says that you’re using deprecated APIs.