Mars Saxman sighting!


Hmmm, this might be an uninformed question… but who is Mars Saxman?

See :wink:

Ah, now I’m with you… goes back 13 years…

Hello! Me, that’s who.

Pleased to meet you…

Nice to meet you again after so many years.
Are you here as a Xojo user or… what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mars, you use Xojo again?

Greeting Mars from London

I’ve been working on a small project recently which involves Xojo and thought I’d swing by the forums to see how things are going. I’m surprised and amused to be remembered!

of course we remember you

Hey Mars! I started using Real Studio last year, and even I know who you are!

Why? There are fair number of longtime users here.

  • Karen

Now on next XDC Mars can come and tell us what he did in all the years :slight_smile:

Howdy Doody Mars :slight_smile:

Not sure the generic gravatar does you any justice though :stuck_out_tongue:
the one on your blog might be better

Consider yourself fortunate Mars, - if I left, nobody would even notice :frowning:

Not true.

we miss the masks :stuck_out_tongue:

The gravatars are new since I was last here. I looked at the gravatar site but I’m not really sure how to supply an actual photo. What if I don’t have a account…?