MapViewer Default Location

How can I prevent my MapViewer from defaulting to 0,0 as the latitude and longitude of the first location?
The App works fine on my iPhone14Pro but on the iPhone 11 running 16.1 the map shows Cupertino and then if I try an map a point it goes to latitude and longitude 0,0 ?

It’s a bit convoluted but I ended up here because I was plotting from the current Latitude and Longitude but also wanted the the Tag, physical address and put a custom pin down

Var mylocations() As MapLocation


Var mlc As MapLocation = New MapLocation(Mylat, Mylong)
mylocations = MapViewer1.LocationsFromQuery(mlc.Address)

Var lc As MapLocation
If myLocations.LastIndex <> -1 Then
  lc = mylocations(mylocations.LastIndex)
End If

Var p As New Picture(40,60)
lc.Icon = p


I also noticed on the iPhone 11 I tested it on it didn’t ask for permission to use the location??

If it did not ask permission to use location, the map will certainly default to 0,0

Location settings might be completely disabled on your iPhone 11.
Settings > Privacy & Security > Location

Good hint Jeremie, I only checked that location services were on but didn’t check that the App settings were set by the tester to Never which they must have done when they installed it. Thanks