Maps not visible on macOS 10.14

I run macOS 10.14 BETA (18A384a) on Parallels Desktop Version 14.0.0 (45124). All applications that use the MapKit are black and it doesn’t show the map.

Has anyone 10.14 running on a real hardware and can check if MapKit is working?

Does Apple’s Maps app work?

No, the second window on the right side is Apple Maps.

Maybe Maps uses Metal now and the VM doesn’t support Metal?

I haven’t used Mojave yet, but shouldn’t the background also change to dark or something?

The Map area should show the map like this:

Screenshot taken on macOS 10.13.6

My guess is that Sam is correct in that since Parallels doesn’t truly emulate a Metal-compatible video card, maps (and therefore MapKit) just can’t render.

This is most likely the case - oddly, the graphics drivers for Windows VMs are often better than drivers on real PCs - so things like OpenGL work quite well in a Windows VM. On mac, the opposite is true - so Metal, OpenGL, OpenCL etc. can not be used in macOS VMs.

To illustrate this, on your macOS VM check out the Screensavers - you’ll see that most of them don’t work under VM.

Just FYI, MapKit isn’t currently working on a Mojave VM in VMWare Fusion either.