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Hello everybody ,
I want to program an application with a map with geolocation. I want her to work on mobile devices. Is it better to make a web application or native apps iOs? The application will connect to mysql. How often can the position update if it is often the application reboots? Do you have anyone experience you can advise?

Hi Frantisek,

It actually depends on your target audience. If you only have iOS users it will be better to make an IOS app.
If you want your app to run on Android, iOS and any browser then a web app is better.

I have some experience with the Google maps and places APIs. They used to be very cheap but are now very expensive as soon as the free tier is exceeded.

Mapbox or Here maps might be a better choice over Google Maps.

Hi Jeremie,
thanks for the response, google maps are really expensive target audience should not be dependent on the platform so it will be a better web application. Do you have any pattern on how to use the mapbox please?

Thank you Franz

what is the use case of this map in your app?

I need to find out the user’s position and distance from a defined point

on the world,country,city or indoor?

the user define a point on the map then?

with web app it was possible to get gps and the session need https.
and bigger images in xojo web 1.0 …

  • u need to be online that could cause extra costs for the user.

there are a few open source map server for self hosting.

as example for geo caching i would use a static image.

If you use a Mac app, you can use our CoreLocation classes (CLGeocoderMBS and CLLocationMBS) to find position and maybe use our Map classes (MKMapViewMBS and MapKitViewControlMBS) to show the map.

I want to do it as a web application because it is not limited by platform. If the user gets 10 meters from the point defined, the task will appear on the screen. After completing it, another point will appear where the next task will be. Points will be defined on the desktop PC via the web.

so some kind of indoor navigation?
should be possible with a simple background image.
you only need to calibrate where the gps positions are in the image.

The game should be played in nature

you can extract images (use share button) at openstreetmap page.

can you help me with that code please?

WebDeviceLocation is very easy you just drop it into a window,
and at shown you start it

[code]Dim Timeout As Integer = 30000
dim MaximumAge As Integer = 60000 'in millisecond 60000 / 1000 ms = 60 Sekunden Maximum age in millisecond
dim HighPrecision As Boolean = True

DeviceLocation1.RequestDeviceLocation(Timeout, MaximumAge , HighPrecision)[/code]

you will get two events

Sub DeviceLocation(Latitude as Double, Longitude as Double, Accuracy as Double, Altitude as Double, AltitudeAccuracy as Double, Heading as Double, Speed as Double, TimeStamp as Date) Handles DeviceLocation Sub Error(ErrorCode as Integer, ErrorMessage as String) Handles Error

with a canvas you can paint your map image with icons.
u need the start and end gps position for this image. (openstreetmap will show it)
u need to calculate the gps location to image position.

myself waiting for xojo web api 2 to continue anything.

distance on a sphere

I’m testing the api2 website but devicelocation is not affected yet

I understand this code but I don’t know how you want to send the position from the device location to openstreetmap and then get the image back thanks for the help

openstreetmap it not a service for apps but you can export an image from browser to use it.
obviously u need to read the licence terms.

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