Maps - Again

I asked about this 2 years ago, and didn’t get great options. Hopeful that things have changed.

I’d like to implement maps right in my iOS app. I know Google gets costly.
Alternately I can do a show url, but only if I’m able to show a route that I define.

Has anyone done anything like this?

have some insteresting links for self hosting on a vps.


I can’t afford OpenMapTiles, but the only link references Openstreetmaps which is very interesting.
Based on this, I’m trying to figure out how to just get a static map of a small region. I can overlay my own GPS data easily enough.

If you are interested in map tiles in general, the following page has some open source python code to handle the treatment of map tiles:

maptiler python code

I have used this in an app that uses mbtiles offline.