Xojo add’s a manifest to the build EXE.
Normally you can place a separate manifest file next to the exe, like myapp.exe.manifest I’ve tested if I can have this separate file overwriting the settings stored within myapp.exe, which seems not to work while it does work on some other third party executables.
Can anybody tell me more about how this should work related to Xojo executables ?

what do you use the manifest file for??

Taken from point 4 in the Note section.

Ah, interesting…
One issue with 32Bit Xojo builds is that we can’t read the OS Version properly with GetVersionEx.
Windows 10 reports it is 8 because of:

Our current workaround is to query “RtlGetVersion” in “ntdll.dll” :slight_smile:

But back to the Manifest - so for a 32Bit build we could simply add an additional file such as shown here in Targeting your application for Windows ? And then the GetVersionEx would return what’s expected…?

@ - so no chance to use a separate manifest-file with xojo 32-bit exe .

Probably it can easy be done with a MBS Plugin