Managing multiple tables in SQLite

I have an app which deals with three different tables all belonging to the same SQLite DB.
Which is the best technique to work with them (saving and retrieving data): having the code for each table in a single method or writing a method for each table, maybe run, for convenience, under a “master” method?

Thank you

How large is the combined Method? Personally I would have them all in the one Method, working on all three tables one after the other, for easier debugging.

No, never. I have single methods for each database operation.


It depends on how you access the tables and how interconnected they are. If you can JOIN them, then that is a single query. If they are separate, distinct operations, then that is a separate query/code bit for each of them. If the method gets too long, and if each table operation is distinct (does not rely on the other tables), then put each piece of code in a method that you call from the main method.

I’m having troubles with internet (apparently someone fried all the satellite modems) so I apologize for not being able to reply riht away.
Thanks anyway for your help