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Hello team,

I’m looking to build a look-alike football manager game. Not that much in-depth and with almost zero graphical approach apart from the menus or so (approximately a Championship manager 01/02). Basically a heavy menu-based game with extensive database use. I have a fair knowledge about python but a friend recommended me Xojo to complete this project. To be honest, I’m a leaning towards starting this project with xojo but also a bit afraid that this language/program might not be the correct mid-long term path.

Can you please provide me some feedback?

Thanks in advance.

The usual answer is: it depends.

Where Xojo shines is doing the interface and the graphics. If you don’t want to do Metal or whatever right now is cutting edge.

There are a lot of example coming with Xojo. There are even some games. Why don’t you have a look at those for starters?

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Thank you @Beatrix_Willius , will take a look.

Much appreciated

I played Championship manager a lot, and I think Xojo would be
a good tool for that task.

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Good idea this actually - Xojo sounds perfect for this sort of game. Xojo works well with just about any database so storing leagues, results, player stats etc would be fairly easy. Give some thought to the different types of data you will be storing, how it will be retrieved and how it is all related BEFORE you start designing the database structure.

What platform are you looking to target ?

I made this football manager game with Xojo. It’s for iOS but I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work for any other target.


I’m targeting desktop only to begin with. Mainly quantitative data such as the players abilities (by the way it is related to Chess :slight_smile: ) , results , ELO, historical data e.g. @Christoph_Emrich I’m very happy to see an application that goes exactly in the same direction that I want to go. :slight_smile:

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