Making Tabcontrols visible at runtime?

I’m having a hard time researching this issue because the word “tab” is used for the key, the order of fields, and the tab control. I’m talking about the tab control.
I’m using one with two tabs, each with two fields. Let’s say that Tab1 has Field1 and Field1, and Tab2 has Field3 and Field4. At the bottom of the screen, off of the tab control, is the Save button. This works great for displaying existing data, but I’d like to use it for entering a new record. I’ve set the tab order so that it should go from Field1 -> Field2 -> Field3 -> Field4 -> SaveButton. Instead, it goes from Field1 -> Field2 -> SaveButton.

Is there any way to programmatically control which tab is being displayed? If I can do this, I can use the “lostfocus” event of Field2 to set the focus to Field3, but I can’t find a way to do force the display of a tab.


What you are looking for is “TabPanel”. And to set the visible tab, set the Value to the tab number you want displayed (it’s zero-based, so Tab1 is Value=0).