Making sure I understand the Xojo License

I have a Pro License so I can install and REGISTER Xojo on 3 Machines.

Can I not install a copy on a fourth as long as I don’t register it.

So on the 1st 3 machines (2 Macs and 1 PC) - I can build standalone Apps.

On the fourth machine I can run my apps in debug mode - I just can not do a build.

Am I correct?


On 4th machine… just install the “TRIAL” version… you can to everything but compile, and since YOU own a paid license, just move the project to one of the other 3 for that…

So basically yes, you are correct

Thanks Dave, that’s what I thought

You can also go to your account on, deactivate one of the other machines, then register that fourth machine. Repeat later to swap machines again. They are very flexible.

If they really don’t mind me doing this it would be my preference. I would really like to have the Windows machine setup to just run debug until the end and time to release…

I guess this is what happens when you have a office, home office, laptop and need to test on Windows…

I’m just gonna take the day off because @Kem Tekinay and @Dave S have got this covered. Thanks!

They are correct on all points. You can use the free IDE to debug on the 4th machine. And you can deauthorize an activation on one of the 3 machines and then activate on the 4th machine.