Making shadowed properties more useful

Would it be a huge change to make the framework use the instance’ properties when the instance shadows something like width and height ?

I’m thinking of why this works in most cases but NOT when the edges are locked <>

Suppose a person subclassed canvas and the instance shadowed width with a computed property that did

Property Width as Integer
return Canvas(self).Width
End Get

   // stuff into some local private property 
   mWidth = value
   // set the super
   Canvas(self).Width = value
End Set

End Property

Now I realize that if someone screws up shadowing they get really horrid results BUT this is a reasonably advanced topic to start with.

Would it be hard to make the frameworks Locking set this computed property ? (it doesnt seem to at present)

@William Yu ?

More about the subject:

that thread is what caused me to originally write Xojo staff asking this question via email

but since no one has replied there I figured I’d ask here as well