MakeAppx and FullTrust

I’m trying to convert (or create) an application for the Windows Store, I have found that easiest way is by using Advanced Installer Express or MakeAppx.
But I always end with a manifest including the FullTrust capability and after uploading it to the store it is rejected at certification because this capability is not allowed.
I have tried setting a different capability like “Documents” or simply none but in this case the appx doesn’t works (Error opening or Can’t open). All manifest samples I have found include FullTrust.
I also tried to run DAC but I always get an “unknown” error converting from InnoSetup installer in BootCamp Windows.

Please can someone guide me in the correct direction ?

There was a large discussion on the Windows Store in this forum month ago. you may (or may not) get good answers there.

There is also a third party software that takes most of the publishing job for the stores (App, Windows) for you. Sorry, I do not recallits name / creator… (and the developper name).

Edit: I found the name and URL, but this is for macOS (App Store):

In the search field of this forum, type Windows Store and search there in the returned list of hints.


I already have AppWrapper but as you mention it is for Apple Store, not Windows.

I have already read all threads about the submissions to the Windows store in this forum but have not found any answer to my question.

A representative already send me an email regarding the rejection due to policy 10.6 Restricted Capability and policy 10 Centennial but also mentioned it could be approved if I explain why I need full trust.
The question is that I believe that I do NOT need full trust but there is no other way to get a working appx for me.

Converted Desktop Apps require runFullTrust. And this capability needs to be approved by Microsoft.

Distribute your application by publishing it to the Microsoft Store

May be I’m not understanding the correct meaning of Converted Apps but in my case I’m not converting an installer to an appx, just using Advanced Installer or MakeAppx to create the installer from a folder with the Xojo application.

Does any Xojo application require full trust and is considered as converted?

Yes. Any ‚classic Win32‘ Desktop App is somehow packaged into an .appx (and in this process ‚converted‘).

Thanks Jürg,

I’ll explain at the certification comments to request full trust.