Make URL and file paths clickable in the IDE

I would love to have URLs and file paths clickable in the Messages area of the IDE. Often, I will System.Debuglog the path of a database or Application Support folder. Rather copying that path from the IDE, switching to the Finder, pressing Command-Shift-G, then pasting in the path, wouldn’t it be nice if the path was simply clickable?

This is not exclusively an iOS request, but it would be most useful on iOS due to the way the iOS Simulator buries its files. This would be one of those little IDE niceties that make my day more pleasant. Please consider favoriting or add points to the case if you would like this too.


Amazingly enough, as far as I know, that message pane actually uses an HTMLViewer.

It should be fairly easy to make links clickable.

hasnt used an html view in a few releases
that was far too slow to add large numbers of messages to and could actually slow debugging down a lot