"Make External" not enabled

I have not previously taken advantage of the “Make External” contextual menu, but I have some methods that I would like to share/maintain across different projects.
I must be missing something because when I right click on the method I want to externalize, the “Make External” selection is grayed out (disabled).


“Make external” only works for classes and modules, but not for methods.

If I create a module with methods in it, will it then externalize all the methods in that module? That would work well for me is that is the case.


Pay attention with externals.
I use them a lot since I have many shared classes/modules among different programs and they are very convenient. If you modify a class, then you have it modified in all programs.
However, try avoiding to edit the same class in two different projects. This could cause problems.
But always remember that Xojo links externals with file reference. This mean that if you duplicate a project which targets external in an subfolder, the copy will continue to point the original project externals, NOT THE COPIES.

Also keep in mind, that when a module contains classes or other modules, then you cannot make it external.

See this post for more information…


Excellent info - thanks All.