Make a custom cursor for Mac

Hello guys,

          Can anyone tell me how I can make a simplified way a custom cursor when over the interface of my app. (on Mac)

Quanquer help is welcome, Tks

ok, but it says to create a custom cursor is to use the constructor, that builder would that be ?

Yup .
The documentation on that is poor.

The constructor took a little finding:

MouseCursor.Constructor(image as Picture, xHotSpot as Integer, yHotSpot as Integer)

But there isn’t a worked example.

Away from my machine, I can’t tell for sure if you need to do

[code]dim c as mousecursor
c = new mousecursor(myImage, 2,2)

self.mousecursor = c[/code]

or something else…

Hi Jeff,

          Do not understand how to make the image be a cursor, could explain me better? 


Create a PNG graphic image the size you want you cursor to be
Drag it into your project in the IDE
this would be the “myIMAGE” reference in Jeffs post above
the 2,2 is where in your image the “hotspot” is

Thanks for the explanation, it was very helpful and it worked!

I did not know the cursor could be much larger than default. It opens some perspectives :slight_smile:

And if I was compiling in Carbon, someone know any way to do this in Carbon?

The best you can do in CARBON is using XML defined cursors… limited to Black and White and 16x16 only

Ah. That is what I had in memory.16x16. Cocoa is much, much better.

Ok, Tanks !

By the way, an old post but possibly still useful for Carbon and Linux/Windows:

Tks Jeff