Made Web app without ports forwarding

I like to now if i use the las version of xojo web can do web app without ports open.

What do you mean? You need a port to connect to a web app.

No, now i am using a port forwarding and i like to run my web app without ports

Port forwarding still needs the app to listen on a particular port.

Configure the web app to run on port 80 (without ssl) and port 443 (with ssl).

Hi Gabriel
the port 80 and port 443 where i setup in the modem or my web app

If your web app is behind a modem, then you do need port forwarding in the modem to get port 80 to your machine. Your machine isn’t talking to the internet directly.

Have you tried Xojo Cloud? It’s a one click deploy to web solution that makes it so you don’t have to know or worry about any of this.

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both places, web app and modem (port forwarding)

Your app must listen to some port, e.g. 8080 and your machine must have a fixed IP e.g. Your modem could be set to port forward the port 80 (and /or 443) to so something coming from the internet to your public IP at the port 80/443 could be sent to your app in your machine.