made invisible one panel of tabpanel


anyone know how to put only an invisible tab.

You can’t

oh my god, big problem.

You know you can add & remove tabs dynamically
Tabs & pages in a page panel don’t have a “visible” property of their own

Use a page panel instead of a tab panel then use code to display the “pages” or “tabs” you want. If you don’t want any, which I couldn’t imagine why, display a blank one up…

Xojo’s Page Panel is one of the reasons I use Xojo over Visual Studio. It is very useful!

is the same for SegmentedControl !!

You can always write your own custom control using the canvas… What is it you are trying to do?

I have a tabpanel with 5 tabs but I want to restrict the view of any tabs, depending on the user accessing the system.

I would not do it using tabs that hide & show
You can add & remove tabs dynamically
Create a container control for each “view” that they should see then embed them in a tab panel that has the number of tabs set dynamically