MacType is deprecated, what is it now?


I usually have this in my Save routine…
f.MacCreator = “ABCD”
f.MacType = “TEXT”

How do I fix that?



It’s just plain not necessary now. File owners are determined by Uniform Type Identifiers, but I wouldn’t consider them a direct replacement since it’s not written to the file. UTIs are declared by your app, rather than being written to the file itself.
Essentially you can take these two lines out of your save routine completely.

You need to assign the file types in Xojo, and then change the final Info.plist accordingly (because Xojo still only has half-support for UTIs) AppWrapper can help with this, or you’ll find the UTI info you need to add to Info.plist in the User Guide, Book 4, Chapter 2 (Cross-Platform Development), Section 3 (OS X Features), Subsection 4 (Uniform Type Identifiers (UTI)).
And man does that sound like boring legal mumbojumbo when referencing the guide o.O

But I recommend AppWrapper :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Tim.