MacOSLib dead?

Is the MacOSLib dead? There doesn’t seem to have any activity for far more than a year now and the last available version also fails to compile for me.

it is not dead. No one has submitted updates to it.
If there is something that is broken, feel free to fix it and submit a pull request.

There are open pull requests over 2 years old. It’s clearly dead or at least not breathing.

no one let me know there was a pull request.
Since it is owned by a group, you dont get notifications of pull requests.

Now MacOSLIB is 32bit and not 64bit. I know some people were looking at updating it for 64bit.

It appears that none of the group member with write access to the repository is taking the time to maintain it any more. The original owner has stopped long ago, I have withdrawn as well, and there’s hardly anyone else left. If someone likes to take over, let Charles (declaresub) know, and maybe he’ll make you the new admin :slight_smile: