macOS: Tokenfields?

Does Xojo or a Xojo Plugin have a “Tokenfield”?

I’m searching with the search functions of the forum, but without a hit.

I mean a Textfield with a picture of the user and his name. I’m wondering that noboy searched or asked for it before. Or does Tokenfields have an other name in Xojo?

It looks like MBS has a TokenField in the Mac Frameworks plugin:

I haven’t seen any token field declares around the forum.
I have seen re-inventions that draw things on their own, but I would not recommend any of these.

You mean something like this?

Yes something like this. But with a face in a circle and this tag. I think this tokens have a special name. But I don’t know it, so it is difficult to search for it. :smiley:

We do have it:

Please try example project.

When you need a decent Tokenfield, you definitely need the MBS plugins. I tried all others, and they don’t come even close to the native macOS control.