macOS Sonoma

FWW: Xojo seems to work fine with the first beta of macOS Sonoma…

That said Appwrapper does not (it get stuck in the codesigning). But this could be more the way Apple changed things how to codesign stuff.


Very good!

Can you inform Sam?

No tracker (lock trackers !) YEAH !!!

I’m kind of tired of those breaking changes these days that I am starting to wish that Apple release pace could be longer as 24ish months for a new redesigned OS instead of the current 12ish months.


the good old times when you had to wait 4 even 5 years to get an os update …

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I am about to install Sonoma on my secondary machine (tried first to set up a Fusion VM on my primary, but apparently Fusion and Sonoma don’t mix yet.) I’ll tell Sam myself, if no one else does, once I see for myself.

Curious, though–did you also install the beta Xcode, and point to it in the terminal with ‘sudo xcode-select --switch (path)’ "

In general terms, though, I know that Sam is aware of Apple’s notarization change.

In fairness, if the AppWrapper issue indeed has to do with the notarization change that Apple is rolling in, what we have now has lasted since Mojave. It also has been announced and should not be too surprising.

But your larger point still stands. :slight_smile:

I now have Sonoma running on my 13" M1 MBP. I can confirm that a quick run of Xojo 2023r1.1 showed no obvious issues.

In my case, though, signing/notarization with AppWrapper went alright.

At this point the Xcode version on this machine is 14.3. It had not yet been updated to 14.3.1 (in progress now), let alone the 15 beta.

Edit for clarification: The Xcode IDE itself is unusable like this, but perhaps its signing tools are what is keeping AppWrapper in the game.

Nope, that’s not it. I have now replaced Xcode with the 15.0 beta. I also updated the command line tools because Homebrew insisted (despite my launching 15 one time, and then doing ‘sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/’ in Terminal.)

So with Sonoma and beta Xcode, on an M1, AppWrapper seems to be working just fine.

Some notes from quick testing of my app built with Xojo 2019R1.1:

There is a new security warning:

I’m not sure what is triggering it - I think it might be due to reading Plists or CFPreferences but need to investigate more.

Unicode characters in Menu items are not displaying properly when the menu is popped open, for example:
displays as this when you click:

(the right arrow character should be the same in both situations)
I don’t know if this is a font issue, a bug, or what.

Otherwise my app runs pretty well in Sonoma, so I’m fairly happy.

FYI, here are the release notes for Sonoma Beta 1:

AppKit release notes:


Just installed Sonoma Beta 1 on a MBP 2019 i9 and all my Xojo made apps start without problems - even an old FileMaker 16 Runtime starts. Looks promising - maybe this time a new macOS without big trouble? :wink:

The only issue is with the kext of my cloud hoster, this was rejected as “too old”. But maybe kext are gone in Sonoma…

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Likewise decided to give Sonoma a try (14.0 Beta (23A5276g)) on a 2020 Intel MBA, with Xojo 2023 1.1.

When I try to run my app in the IDE I get this warning… though afterwards it does run OK. The IDE builds the app OK - though the build seems a lot slower than before - and the app runs OK.

It could be talking about a “.DS_Store” file being within the bundle. Did you open the package contents with Finder, or have copy steps that are moving contents into the bundle before signing? A resource fork is ancient and unlikely to still be around in this day and age.

Is the folder in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Cloud or another network drive? If so move to another folder or exclude it from syncing.

If it’s iCloud, you can add .nosync to the end of the folder’s name.

This error used to show up at least for Dropbox. Under Sonoma I was pleasantly surprised not to see it anymore. Yes, I know not to use Dropbox for my main projects. But for test projects I want to be able to share the projects on Dropbox.

Where do you store the compiled application (.debug) (while running the IDE ?) On Dropbox (near the project as default do?) ?

I suspect that this will work until it doesn’t, or in other words, I wouldn’t rely on it.

What I do here for this type of thing is use an app that watches my non-Dropbox work folder and the target Dropbox folder for changes. If my version changes, it gets copied. If the Dropbox version changes, I get a dialog offering to copy the file to my source directory.

The Xojo file and the built app are both in the user/Documents directory locally on the MBA.
This occurs consistently whether its opened in Finder by double-clicking the Xojo file, or by launching Xojo first and the opening it that way.

Currently everything is backed up via both TimeMachine and CCC to two separate 1TB SSD’s.

I don’t use DropBox.

Will do some more experimenting…

I understand, but do you have iCloud sync turned on for your account? If so, that’ll be your culprit.

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