macOS running on iPhone?

“Apple reportedly evaluating Apple Silicon-powered macOS on iPhone”

Plug your iPhone into a monitor and off you go!

Very Apple. Pocket developer station on the go. Dock stations, keyboards, mouses and screens will be pricey sold separately.

Um… but rumors are they want to remove all connectors on their phones.

I‘d love to see macOS and iOS merge one day. And using an iPhone as my Desktop on the go, sounds amazing. i always hoped Apple would offer something like Samsung DEX wit iOS.

Since i stopped Developing on my Mac, i switched to my iPad Pro for 99% of my work at home. The last 1% is formatting external drives and preparing them for Raspi‘s.

we’ll just imagine there are wires and it will all work

or they could just use some hi capacity wireless protocols :stuck_out_tongue:

It means inductive charge, BT audio, BT mouse, BT keyboard, Wireless video (Miracast, can include audio also).

I suppose they have been building AirPlay into a lot of TVs recently. And the phone itself could be a trackpad. Even a keyboard in a pinch.

I can even think of an Apple docking system with an extrem fast proprietary wireless communication protocol. Sounds „Apple like“ to me. :wink:

There are actually apps in the App Store to do just that :slight_smile:

Yeah I know.