macOS - read calendar data

I would like to read events from the Calendar, for example I would like to be able call a method with a specific date(s) and get the events belonging to that data - my calendars are all iCloud calendars if it makes a difference. How can I do that in Xojo?

What have you tried?

Searched the docs, forum for examples but failed. I could be searching for the wrong things but so far I haven’t found anything.

See . It’s a very complicated framework.

it’s not for contacts but for calendar.
should be this one :

may be you could try this free one :

You can also use AppleScript to manipulate the Calendar… its not easy, but I have done it

I would highly recommend to look into EventsKit framework from Apple and the matching MBS Plugin classes:

EventKit is 64-bit only. If you need 32 and 64-bit, please check the older Calendar classes:

For iOS, I do have my Events Kit: