macOS Monterey: Xojo 2018 and 2021

I am finally considering upgrading the OS on my MacbookPro Mojave to Monterey. I want to be able to develop with both Xojo 2018.4 and then download and develop with the latest Xojo 2021. Any problems with either of these?

Yes. Anything older than 2019r3.2 needs a patch to compile Mac on Big Sur or newer. There’s a forum theread here with one solution and a blog post I can’t link with a better one. If you know which blog we can’t link here, I would recommend that solution over the forum thread.

Is 2019r3.2 the latest version of Xojo that I can use to work on my 2018r4 apps without having to do conversion? That is, any version later than that uses the new Web API and Desktop API?

2019r3.2 is web 1.0 but it has desktop API 2 there.

I think the last version with api 1.0 on both is 2019r1.1

I compile for Mac in Xojo 2018 under Big Sur daily, and don’t recall installing any kind of patch.

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But I’m okay if I work on my v2018r4 app with v2019r3.2? I can load it and work on it without some gothchas?

Actually, now that I think of it, I would only be working in 2018r4 web apps anyway.

2018r4 will compile web apps, the issue is only Desktop macOS builds.

Great. Thanks!

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