macOS Monterey and WKWebViewControlMBS

I just tested my app (built with Xojo 2019 R1.1 as an Intel only app) under the first beta of macOS 12 Monterey (21A5248p). Many things are working fine.

However, I am seeing issues where my app is using MBS Plugins WKWebViewControlMBS (MBS 19.0), where nothing shows up.

It’s early days of course, but if you are testing with macOS 12 and using MBS, I’d be curious if anyone else is having trouble with WKWebView?

Can we please first watch the security sessions this week and see if something changed?

It appears the issue is that the .TitleChanged even doesn’t always fire, and I was using that for JavaScript to Xojo communication. I am modifying my JavaScript and Xojo to use the didReceiveScriptMessage event, which seems to be working better. I will submit a demo once I isolate the issue.

@Christian_Schmitz I’m not sure if this is a Xojo bug, a MBS bug, or simply a bug or change in WebKit, but here’s the demo project showing the issue:

The project simply calls document.Title=“foo” then “bar” quickly.

When run on 10.14 (Intel) it works as expected:

When run on macOS 12 (Monterey beta) on M1, it fails - only the 2nd title change shows up:

Note: compiled as Intel 64 bit app with Xojo 2019 R1.1 and MBS 19.0.

For now, let’s wait.
In the next days, I may install it and try, but please don’t report bugs before a few betas passed.

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Agreed. Let’s also wait on reporting Xojo bugs until at least three public macOS betas are out as many early issues usually get worked out on their own.

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We have that discussion every year. Bugs don’t fix themselves - at least I never saw that. However, both Xojo 2019 and MBS 19 are much too old.

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True, but lots of the issues that are in the first three or four public betas of macOS each year do get resolved by Apple. We don’t really want to waste time to work through reports about things that are going to be fixed without our intervention.


FYI, I just tested and this issue persists in Monterey Beta 3 (21A5284e) on M1. Haven’t tested it on Intel yet.

Update: In fact, this issue appears to exist in Big Sur 11.5 and 11.5.1, and both M1 and Intel CPUs.

I’m still trying to figure out if it’s present in earlier versions as well.

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