macOS Channel

Hurrah, we once again have a channel that’s named after the desktop OS that Apple currently ship!

I’d imagine @Tim Parnell is having a seizure around about now.

Well at least they didn’t create a NEW topic area, then we would have OSX and macOS to deal with.

However (my opinion), changing from OSX to macOS, MIGHT cause some to wonder if posting an OSX question there is ok.
Maybe for the next year or so… “macOS and OSX” would be more appropriate.

:rose: by any other name

Wait a minute, Apple ship a desktop OS? I thought the last desktop OS they shipped was 10.9 Mavericks, then we’re just running a subversion of iOS…

You’re confused, @Sam Rowlands - Tiger 10.4.11 was the last Desktop OS Apple shipped :stuck_out_tongue:

“Tiger 10.4.11” is a funny way to spell “Snow Leopard 10.6.8.”

I’m still waiting for Copland

The closest you will ever get.

He retired along with Sting :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wait … thats Copeland

Copland might have died along with Gershwin

I did have the installer for it and did run it, but no longer have the hardware to do so, so i keep waiting :wink:

Hennnggg. thud