macOS application crashing in weird place.

I’ve just received a crash report for one of my applications and while doing some Googling it seems that quite a few applications are suffering from unexpected crashes on Sierra. I think this may be because I’m using a HTMLViewer, which is only shown when the application is unregistered or if the use tries to purchase a copy of the application.

I had to trim the crash report as it’s too long, it’s for Iconographer which was built as 64-Bit intel application using Xojo 2016r4 and being run on Sierra 10.12.3.

Anyone else got any bright ideas? Is WebKit broken under Sierra, like PDFKit?

submit the full crash report attached to a feedback report please

Done <>

Thanks Norman.

I had a similar problem not too long ago.

Based on the memory part #s (mfg 0x029E Corsair?) it looks like you may have aftermarket RAM installed.
That was my problem (only after installing Sierra)
Run Apple Diagnostics.
MemTest86 didn’t catch it on my system.

I can run one 8G Corsair Module, but running 2 causes odd crashes when most of the system memory is occupied… such as running Xojo and a couple of VM’s.

Just a guess, but worth looking at.