macOS, App installation, and Finder's unexpected install location if using Remote Debugger

A note to those of your running the Remote Debugger on macOS to test apps -

If you’ve done this, and then package your app followed by an installation of your built app onto the macOS system from an Installer Package, your app will appear to not exist even though the installer reported no errors.

You will find the installed app in the folder that you ran the remote debugger from or possibly the Trash - in my case:

Mar  2 13:21:43 Lab-Mac-Pro-Can-5 installd[519]: PackageKit: Applications/BRU Server relocated to Applications/Xojo 2019 Release 1.1/Extras/Remote Debugger Desktop/BRU Server

The solution is the go to that location via Finder, delete the .app that was installed, and empty your trash. When you reinstall your packaged app, it will then be installed in your Applications folder as expected.

Another Wonderfull 45 minutes of scrambling to determine where my package was failing that was caused by Apple’s “Features”. >:(

The only saving grace for this function is when you use an Apple Installer Package to update your existing application, as it will update it where-ever the user has it installed, otherwise it causes far more problems than it solves. I have an Open request with Apple to either show where it installs the app, or allows the user to choose. But that’s been many many many years, so I’ve given up hope of Apple ever addressing this issue.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Thought that this was the most stupid feature I ever found. It’s as if they don’t even develop software themselves.

They replied to me as I reported it as a bug. Told me “That’s the way it’s always worked and that’s what our users expect.”