MacOS 13.4 is available: test Xojo / your applications

So is the release version 13.4 (22F66), which was rc3, or was there a later version?

Look there by yourself; since you download the RC, yopu have access to the release notes via the feedback application…

I can only see the RC (specifically, rc3) in there. I can’t see any mention of 13.4 full release?

Not yet, I suppose. Ask Apple.

Do you not have it installed? I assumed you had, which was why I asked.

I do not see the relationship between an installed update and its release notes.

And, yes, I installed 13.4

I have rc3 installed. I don’t know if I’m not being offered an update because it hasn’t yet been made available to me or because it is the same as RC3. It would be great if you could choose Apple About this Mac and then click version 13.4 in the dialog. It will tell you the build number. If it is 22F66 then we know that 13.4 RC 3 is the same as the release.


I do not waited, I fired the control panel, click in updates and I was proposed… and I accepted. Nearly 3GB.

If you click the 13.4 it will show a build number. Updates role out is spread out over time, so it may still be on the stocks.

Sorry: 22F66

But If I were you, I will make the update once available. It can be the same number and different…

If it is offered I will take it. But, I also don’t see how it can be the same number and different, in a logical world.

This does not exists. As a Xojo developer and Eeuropean person, you should know by now… :joy:

I’m from the UK :slight_smile:

And UK is not in Europe ? :joy:
Oh, yes, it have relocated itself, but I forget where !

Be serious…