Machine Learning

Anyone playing with neural networks or other machine learning algorithms in Xojo?
Swift and Python have been used to develop some interesting applications.
I am interested in trying this out in Xojo and would appreciate some pointers if anyone is playing around with this technology

Of course. MBS Plugins support Machine Learning classes from apple. see

Thank you to you both for the links

I found this:
The cost of their software is reasonable, and can integrate with visual basic programs, so I assume machine learning products can be used with Xojo. Saves all the problems of developing a neural network then deploying it, at least in theory.
If anyone decides to go this route, I would be happy to collaborate.

You could roll your own in native Xojo, I mean how hard can it be?

Hi Sam,
Feed forward back propagation or which other machine learning algorithm?
Not specifically that hard, BUT having an IDE for developing machine learning which then enables running from a Xojo application? Might be worth the money.

Which ever you choose to write.

If it can truly benefit a product, then I’m sure it’s worth it. ML is being thrown around at the moment like it’s the latest fashion statement, I’ve seen some products announce ML features, that leave you going, what are they smoking? Where can I get some (of what they’re smoking).

BTW: If it’s not specifically that hard, write one. There are those who are successful in the Xojo universe (not cinematic just yet), because they’re able to bring their skill set to others in exchange for money. Like Björn & Christian with their plugins, or Bob with his Shorts (man, that just sounds wrong).

Become the master of ML, and show us mere mortals the way. Humor aside, I mean what I say. Do it and teach us.

Would love to Sam, but first looked at this in the late 1980’s, and left it alone until now. A lot has changed. I have started looking at it again now, but might be a while before I can help others. I did have a gwbasic program for feed forward back propagation a long time ago. I wonder where I put it?.. :slight_smile: