Has anyone ever purchased any MacHeist Bundles?

I am tempted to purchase the latest bundle - but it seems too good to be true?
I can’t see how they can sell the software for so cheap?

Am just wondering if anyone has had dealt with them?


Don’t you know the first rule of MacHeist?

Yes, it’s a legit bundle and you’ll get what you pay for. Of course, it’s only a bargain if you’ll really use any of the included apps :slight_smile: It’s a promotion to get new customers to use their software and then, usually, sell you new versions or upgrades etc.

For £15 I can get Cinemagraph Pro, Data Rescue 3, Intaglio and Webcode!
Four out of the ten I would use - so it seems like good value.

I bought plenty. Intaglio is really good, reminds me of the old ClarisDraw.

Btw this is just the NanoBundle. In the big bundle they usually have some heavy-weight apps.

Other bundles to look out for are the MacUpdate bundles and sometimes StackSocial bundles.

I think it looks like WebCode might be useful for vector graphics even on the desktop, if Xojo started supporting SVG… which sounds like it is a real possibility.

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Is the big bundle also running, or does it alternate between this bundle, and a larger one?

I just bought it. No idea if I ever need those apps, but just in case, I have a license :slight_smile:

hahaah… can’t resist a good bargain eh… Christian…

The big bundles run once or twice a year.

Makes me wish I owned a Mac… I need a good deal.

Macheist and Macupdate bundles are always worth a look. I have purchased several of them and I have even ended up with multiple licenses of the same software.

As mentioned, sometimes the bundles are huge, and can include heavyweights like Xojo or the like. Other times they’re mostly a collection of small utilities.

My rule of thumb is “if at least one of the apps looks worth it, I’ll get the bundle”. In this case either webcode, data rescue or intaglio would easily be worth the price of admission.

To be clear, it’s not “their” software. It’s a bundle of software from different vendors. The license is not usually valid for more than one license (but for most of this software the “normal” license isn’t either).

I have six macheist bundles, three macupdate bundles and almost 20 HumbleBundle/Weekly HumbleBundle. Always worth it.

With the addition of Yep today it makes this one a no-brainer.

Cinemagraph Pro looks excellent.

Yeah. I mentioned the bundle in the other thread where we were talking about PICT and vector graphics, precisely. Having intaglio and webcode seems like a smart investment, with SVG around the corner in so many places.

And you support charity too :wink:

What did you mean the license is not valid for more than one license?

Sorry. Can’t edit. Meant “for more than one major version”. You can usually install minor updates but moving from App V2 to App V3 wouldn’t be covered (it normally isn’t, but people sometimes is surprised to learn bundles apply the same rules).

Apps in bundles tend to reappear periodically so most likely you’ll get the new version in a future bundle anyway. At the moment I’m waiting to see if they include the latest Graphic Converter in a bundle, as I’m due to an update :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Intaglio needs Quicktime?

The way the sys requirements read is like: “Intaglio requires [Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 7.0 for PowerPC] or [Mac OS X 10.4.7 for Intel].” Where 10.4.7 or newer wouldn’t require quicktime. I certainly hope it doesn’t require qt.

I love mh though, been with them since the first bundle and have got every bundle since the second.

Part of the MacHeist pride is that with our bundles you get the exact same license as if you had purchase it from the developer. One year a company tried to pull a bait-and-switch you have to upgrade thing, the directorate and staff managed to work out a solution, but the company also saw a huge drop in users after such a stunt. I haven’t seen much of them since, really (but they still exist)

Another part of the fun is for the “regular” bundles there’s a series of missions where users solve puzzles and games before the big bundle. In years past there’s been free “loot” as we call it, where you get a single version license for something free of charge.

The whole thing is a lot of fun, and you get some great software out of it.

*I’m probably a little biased toward MacHeist

I was just interested in hearing other people’s views on it.
Which nowadays is a wise move :slight_smile: