MacBook Pro help

I am using an old version of RealBasic 2012 2.1, currently got a new MacBook Pro with Retina and the IDE
looks terrible. I guess it is time to upgrade, so I downloaded the latest version of Xojo and it also looks
terrible, text is blurry and not sharp.

Is there a setting I am missing?


Nope. The Xojo IDE isn’t Retina yet. Supposedly with the next version.

I have used non-retina apps on retina machines. It is not that bad.

But yeah, rumor has it 2016r1 is supposed to be “The One With The Retina Update”

For the time being you can Retinize Xojo manually.

And keep fingers crossed if we also get HDPI (windows) with the comming release.

Yes, it will have Retina support.

Joe said it will.

In the meanwhile i can recommend Retinizer.

And live with the oddities you get from “retinizing” it this way
There are a few :slight_smile:

Try it. I never encountered any oddities and you can “de-retinize” anytime. :wink: