MacBook Pro 16" out now

It’s finally here. And it’s got a scissor-mechanism keyboard.

Marco Arment’s thoughts -

How soon can I stop building 32bit plugins?

Sorry to Mac people, but…those prices! I just bought a Windows laptop last week with similar or better overall specs for under $1200 (including 1TB SSD, 16GB DD4 RAM, 144hz refresh and an NVidia RTX 2060 with 6GB RAM!). Can’t make myself consider paying double for less.

It’s ok. We are fine. :wink:

Derek, if it runs Windows as main operating system, we can’t buy it.

Windows in VM is okay.

Because of being a plugin maker? You can’t buy it? Or just a strong opinion about Windows? I can understand that, but…paying double, in some cases more than double? Current Win10 setups are actually very stable and simple to maintain and use.

We need MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Only (legal) way is to by a computer from Apple.

macOS: since yesterday
Windows/Linux: never ever :wink:

i believe you mean if you create a executable it must created by a apple pc with mac os.

Running MacOS requires a computer from Apple as far as I remember. It can be in a VM on a Mac, too.

@Christian Schmitz
i not like apples laws but somehow it make sense.

@Gavin Smith
have fun with your new device :slight_smile:

[quote=462967:@Christian Schmitz]Nice.
How soon can I stop building 32bit plugins?[/quote]
Couldn’t you build the 32 bit plugins within a VM running Mojave?

Well to be fair, specs don’t tell the whole story. That screen has a faster refresh rate than any Mac, but what’s the resolution? What is the case made out of? Does it have thunderbolt? How’s the trackpad? And the keyboard? What about tech support? How soon can you have your laptop back if it needs repairs?

Last time I needed repairs on my MacBook Pro, they were replacing the entire upper portion. I handed it over to Fedex Tuesday evening, argued with Apple over passwords most of Wednesday, they repaired it Wednesday evening, and I had it back about 10am Thursday morning. For those of us that count on our computers, that kind of turnaround time alone is well worth the extra up front cost. They even handle many repairs in-store these days, meaning same-day repairs.

Plus… Windows. Windows is a fine operating system, but I can run Windows on my Mac. I can’t run Mac on Windows. That means, for cross platform software development, if you can’t have both, have a Mac. But even then, the software available for macOS is often sooo much nicer. It’s great that the big players have really embraced both platforms. I can get GitHub Desktop, Slack, Discord, Atom, Xojo… just about everything I need to get work done on my PC. And I do. But there’s plenty of smaller programs that don’t have any good counterpart on Windows. Like if I need FTP, on my Mac, Transmit is easily the best. On Windows, I have to suffer FileZilla or Cyberduck. If I need to connect to a PG server, Postico is my go-to tool, but on Windows the options are both expensive and unpleasant. I use apps like Coda, Reeder, Textastic/SubEthaEdit, and SnippetsLab that just don’t exist on Windows. Sure, there are apps that perform similar functions like the Transmit vs FileZilla issue I mentioned, but when it comes to nice software… it’s hard to beat macOS.

But even with a $700 external Blackmagic video card (which I don’t have) my Mac would still be awful at playing games. This 2880 × 1800 display takes a ton of GPU power to drive, and Macs just don’t have it. There’s plenty I can do on my PC that isn’t reasonable on my Mac. I find video editing to be easier on my PC, likely because it has twice the RAM and a much more powerful video card. And of course, games are better there too.

Specs don’t tell the whole story, software matters, and both have their merits.

Just find old MacPro Box and replace the motherboard and CPU’s and then run ESXi server for VM’s.

Then you can say its Upgraded Mac hardware !.

Oh and this MBP is a good stepping stone, addressing a number of serious criticisms… it has not improved in some areas I would have expected it to. The front camera is still 720p, it doesn’t support WiFi6, and still uses the last model’s processors.

It’s good. If I were in the market for a MacBook, I’d be satisfied with it. But I think this is more evolution than revolution. The next generation is probably still coming in a year or two.

[quote=463000:@Thom McGrath]Well to be fair, specs don’t tell the whole story.
There’s plenty I can do on my PC that isn’t reasonable on my Mac. I find video editing to be easier on my PC, likely because it has twice the RAM and a much more powerful video card. And of course, games are better there too.[/quote]

Games, video editing and coding/development is mostly what I do, so maybe that colors my perspective a bit, admittedly. But even so, “nicer” apps in some niche areas, quick repair service (only sometimes, from what i’ve read) and Thunderbolt IMHO don’t account for the wide price chasm. But I see your point about specs not being the whole story.

Historically, when you actually build Windows-based computers with comparable specs, the price difference usually isn’t that wide. I don’t just mean internal specs, but stuff like case material, screen, connectivity, and so on.

In your example, we’re talking about a $1000 difference. I’d be willing to bet much of that is eaten up by the higher resolution screen. Plus the full metal construction, better trackpad… I think the gap is justified.

But that’s ok. If those things don’t matter to you, then why spend an extra $1000? That’s exactly why competitors exist.

every pc laptop that has similar specs & doesnt feel like lugging around a brick is in about the same price range as the MBP
everything else weighs 5 - 7 pounds

I use a Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB eGPU attached to my MBP 2017 and an external 4K Monitor and every supported Game i throw at it runs smooth with all those fancy GFX Settings at Ultra/Very High/… Don’t even feel the need to install Win-on-Bootcamp to play unsupported Games… :slight_smile:
(OTOH, i did not buy my Mac for Gaming. If the eGPU would not perform like it does, i would play on PS4Pro/Xbox1X/…)

The Verge claims that it’s a little bit faster, my guess because they improved the thermal management. I am awaiting the Dave 2D full review, he’s the guy that figured out if you put your Mac in the freezer you can get the performance that you should.