Macbook Pro 14" M2 Pro vs M2 Mac for Xojo compilation

I’m thinking of buying a new 14" MacBook Pro.

Have you noticed a real difference in the speed of compiling a Xojo project (2019 3.2) between an M2 Pro and an M2 Max?

From what I understand, there is almost no difference between the M2 Pro and M2 Max for the single-core CPU on the 14" MacBook Pro.

The only significant difference apparently is that the M2 Max has twice the unified bandwidth of the M2 Pro (and GPU of course). But that doesn’t show up in the single core CPU benchmarks I’ve read. This difference in bandwidth is mostly useful for simultaneous use of multiple apps?

There may be other things I’m missing, Apple improving some other components at the same time when you take the higher model / chip. I’ve read for example that this year the 512GB SSDs shipped were relatively slow compared to the 1TB.

Anyway, I think an M2 Pro is more than enough for Xojo in the context of a 14" MacBook Pro with the same RAM, but what do you think? (the price is not a problem if I can save a few tens of seconds at each compilation, it makes a real difference in daily life).

Thank you in advance!

For Xojo, you may be good with the binned M2 Pro with less cores, if you like to save some money.

The Max allows you to get 64 or 96 GB of RAM, if you run a lot of VMs.

The MacBook Pro with 10 core CPU, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD may be fine machine for Xojo.

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for development the screen is very small. imac would be a better choice.

Compiling uses more than one core, its the IDE and the resulting app that are singlethreaded…
But until you compile very big projects alldaylong the difference between M2 Pro and Max is not really important. More RAM and a well suited SSD may be more important….

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The linker uses multiple cores, not the compiler, as far as I know.

Anyway the smallest M2 will have more than enough cores for xojo.


There is a MacBook Air 15" (larger screen) that is awaited (before WWDC). May be worth the wait time.
Same source says m2 silicon builds stopped @ the year beginning (2023).
Only a couple of months to wait (if you can)…

16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD may be fine machine for Xojo
Looks fine for me (eventually 512MB SSD and external 2TB @ around 120€)

Or at least wait for the M3 and get a good discount of an M2 refurb unit.


The difference might just be a matter of seconds. I got myself a base Mac mini m2 and it is way faster than the intel i5 it replaced.

I’ll definitely go for the bigger display as that where I would spend most of the time at.