Mac x86-64 joining with Mac arm64 and code signing also

What happened with the case of Xojo joining x86-64 and Mac arm64, is that working at all ?

I seem to get random complaints where it seems to fail to join ?

And the random fails with code signing for some users could that be some sort of mess relating to joining the segments ?

What fails?

Xojo does take independent plugin dylibs for intel and arm code and joins them for universal builds.
And then signing is required, which Xojo seems to do with adhoc signatures.

For most cases users report success. But then we see occasional fails and even on same items as work for others.

(Same for Code sign)

It is why I wanted to ask on the join if it was stamped as working, since I know at first there was trouble with it.

Which does not work on my MBP M1 :-/

FWW: on my MBP i7 it does adhoc codesign the app though (but should be an option - I created a feedback case for this).

macOS version?
I wonder whether adhoc signatures need a recent Xcode installed.

I do not have full data of those. I was just opening this discussion to at first at least verify that the Joining was supposed to be working as intended.

Both my M1 and Intel device are running macOS11.0

Re-reading the post from the customer then he can build either x64 build or Apple Silicon that uses EHAES.dylib from e-CryptIt Engine, but if he builds universal then it skips the Apple Silicon segment, thus fails to join as far as I can tell from the info I have.

Are you saying that it skips building or that it skips signing the Apple Silicon segment?

As Christian noted, it would be helpful to know what version of macOS and Xcode (if at all) are installed on the user’s machine.

And the exact error.

As far as I can tell from the report then it skips joining, he lists some logs that show Xojo Internet Encodings having both arcs and same with rbframework.dylib but the one from my plugin showing only x86_64 in the universal build.

Are there any differences in how the two plugin segments are named?

No same naming…and it is the first segment in the plugin…

I just did the same build my self which seems to build fine (I have no Apple Silicon yet to actually run it though)

The library there is about 2x the size of each so its definitely joining for me. My question is a bit on the randomness, where it seems only some are getting strangeness’s like this, same with signing I guess.

User of course might have much more in his project that somehow messes up in the compile

We’ll have to check with William, but I’m pretty sure they’re all supposed to end up in a framework now if things are working correctly.

I can try to get more data, and see if the customer can reproduce it in simple example App that he can send us, which I could then forward. So we are not sending you guys on wild goose chase having no good test case.