Mac - Windows Graphic Generating Differences

I downloaded the current version of XOJO for Windows (don’t have a build license yet for Windows) and wanted to see how
well my current project C.A.P would be on Windows. Turns out quite well. However there are some what minor issues.

Here are two screen shots one from Mac and one from Windows. As you can see there is a slight difference and I’m not sure why.
(Not the color. The Windows image should look like the Mac’s)


Also it’s seems the alpha channel/transparency of the color is slightly different on Windows than on Mac. Maybe it’s just the difference in displays ?

Without a simple demo project showing the issue its very hard to suggest what could be wrong based on the images alone.

differences in color space? differences in graphics engines? differences in display (as you mentioned)
are both set to HDPI?

I don’t have any suggestions to help (sorry), but I wanted to say that what you’re trying to do Eric is impressive! Nice work.

Mac is 5k retina the Windows 7 laptop… not sure. Don’t think it is.
Same source code as the Mac. I use DrawPolygon to generate the images above.
Not sure why the windows version generates those black line type things from the corners. Though it does look cool.

I don’t know if its just how it is with Windows 7 or something with XOJO (or the differences mentioned before)?

No probs, thanks Scott.

are you changing the alpha values on the colors? if any are not 100% opaque then it might have to do with a differnce in how macOS and Windows “stack” non-opaque colors

Alpha is set to 245 it doesn’t change(for the star anyway), the colors are random.

Ah. Well I can live with it.


Comparing an application running on MacOS and Windows ?

You have to use the same “date” versions (ex. 2019: macOS Mojave / Windows 10 1903).

Comparing a screen shot done on Windows 7 to another from a non specified macOS Mojave is not only unfair (but I cannot care) but can only fall into troubles: so many changes in Windows during these years… (10 years).

Did you try your standalone program under Windows 10 (1903) ?

Perhaps a bit unfair Mac OS 10.14.6 and Windows 7… but since 99% of the visuals on the Windows version looks the same as the Mac version I thought they all would. Not really a big deal.

I can only run it from the IDE for Windows.

A fundamental difference between Mac and Windows is that Mac uses color profiles, where rendition differs from pure mechanical rendition.

I wonder if the difference could be connected to a different standard blend mode used in the systems’ graphics contexts. The pentangle forms look suspicious. I am not sure if someone created a declare to set the blend mode on Windows yet …