Mac Sidebar

HI, I’ve probably missed it but is there a control to make a sidebar like the Finder windows sidebar. I want to display a list of display functions for the app and this seems the perfect kind of place to do it.

yup… a hierarchal listbox (or a 3rd party TreeView)

FGSourceList is an open source sidebar that looks like the old Aqua style from Mavericks. It’s license is free with attribution.

I can highly recommend TreeView by Einhugur and DataView by piDog.

PiDogDataView is wonderful for MacOS targets, but I’ve found it unusable under Windows - it just bogs down, won’t scroll correctly, locks up when resized, etc :frowning:

Thank you all. Good choice of options.

True. Because of this i use piDog on mac and Einhugur on Windows (and mac) :slight_smile:

I have really only used it much under macOS so far (where I love it !!) but haven’t had a need yet under Windows. But expect to in the future.

Has anyone told Jim they found it less reliable under Windows?

I am not sure. Normally i would. But if i recall it correct, i needed an immediate fix and TreeView was just a “click” away. :slight_smile:

So is it just the tree view you found less had issues under Windows? I have not used it yet, probably because I also have the Einhugur tree view which I used pre-dating DataView.

TreeView is working flawlessly for me.
piDog evolved muuuuch since i made my last tests on Windows.

I am sure both are worth the time to test it :slight_smile: