MAC / PC / Native App with External DB

Hello, we are starting a new project and we want to use XOJO because we want the app to run on WINDOWS and MACOS. The App should access a external database (i.e. mysql). what external database would you recommend or is mysql ok? i guess we cant just access a database without security issues. whats the recommendation there.
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thx, Giovanni

Welcome to Xojo. With Xojo you can use different databases. I would recommend MySQL only if you really understand the licensing.

Welcome Giovanni

I would recommend Postgresql. The license is much more liberal and you don’t have to buy way too expensive licenses for redistribution.
But if you want to stay for something like mysql you can alternatively give MariaDB a try. It’s a open source fork of MySQL.

If your app is for internal use only and will not be distributed/sold with the database to the general public, then using MySQL Community Server and its Licensing should work fine for you. My company has been using MySQL Community Server for close to 20 years with various internal applications.

+1 for postgresql instead of mysql and their obscure licensing scheme…

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